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Package Title Version
OrderedList Similarities of Ordered Gene Lists 1.5.6
adSplit Annotation-Driven Clustering 1.3.0
compdiagTools Toolbox for performing and illustrating microarray data analyses 1.5.3
dcoex Differential co-expression patterns in expression data
docval Documenting microarray preprocessing 'by value'. 1.0
estrogen 2x2 factorial design exercise for the Bioconductor short course 1.5.0
isis Class Discovery 2.0
lymphoma Simple exercises on cDNA handling with Alizadeh data 1.5.0
macat MicroArray Chromosome Analysis Tool 1.6.0
nem Nested Effects Models to reconstruct phenotypic hierarchies 1.0.1
oncomodel Maximum likelihood tree models for oncogenesis 0.7
stam Structured Analysis of Microarray Data 1.5.0
stjudem Microarray Data from Yeoh et al. in MACAT format 1.0
twilight Estimation of local false discovery rate 1.9.2