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MACAT - MicroArray Chromosome Analysis Tool

An R/Bioconductor Package

By linking differential gene expression to the chromosomal localization of genes, one can investigate microarray data for characteristic patterns of expression phenomena involving sizeable parts of specific chromosomes.
The R-package macat is the implementation of a statistical approach for identifying significantly differentially expressed chromosome regions.

Download the tared and gzipped source file, which is compliant to Bioconductor. To run the package, you need R and at least packages Biobase and annotate. To run the demo and examples, you also need the package stjudem, which is a pure data package provided below.
The package vignette, which contains extended documentation, can also be downloaded separately.

→ macat

→ stjudem  (31MB)

→ Package Vignette

The latest versions of this package, both release and developmental, can be found at the Bioconductor web site.

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